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54% of adults over 65 take four or more prescription medications. The number one thing you can do to avoid being one of them? Don't carry excess fat.

about 2 months ago

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Can you build muscle with light weighs? t.co/yVxmehlAfy

about 2 months ago

Shocking truth: After about age 30-40, you're losing muscle mass. Read this to keep as much of your muscle as possible 👇 t.co/H7JmtKcLrI

about 2 months ago

I asked the guys on Shred in 60 if anyone was seeing any noticeable progress 3 weeks in, here are the first responses: t.co/EAUreX19En

about 2 months ago

Guys over 40, you're losing muscle. Your weekly shopping list should include: - Steak - Eggs - Fish - Chicken - Ground beef - Greek yoghurt What else?

about 2 months ago

If you're hungry all the time... And you're still not losing weight... I'm willing to bet you: - Snack on junk - Eat a lot of convenience foods - Drink a lot of calories - Have a low protein intake - Don't eat many whole foods

about 2 months ago

If you've woken up in your 40s and realised you're overweight it's the result of a decade+ of overeating. You won't fix it in the next 8 weeks. You CAN make significant progress... But permanent lifestyle change is needed if you want to look like someone in peak health.

about 2 months ago

Check out 20 Minute Muscle if you think you've got no time to get in shape: t.co/V1ca6KGrTU

about 2 months ago

7 Things You Can Do to Sleep Better TONIGHT! 1. Get blackout blinds 2. Phone in another room 3. Supplement with magnesium 4. Sleep in a colder room (65º F) 5. No screens within 1 hour of bed 6. Read fiction before going to sleep 7. Eat dinner earlier, at least 4 hours before bed

about 2 months ago

If you've never lost weight before you might not know this... But you WILL lose more weight in the first two weeks. After that, it slows down (quick explanation👇)

2 months ago