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If you travel a lot for work you need a strategy for nutrition. Careful planning is needed if you want to make progress towards your body composition goals. Just winging it with lots of restaurant and airport meals isn't going to be good enough.

6 days ago

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You can become the best version of yourself at any age.

7 days ago

If you're 50% on track with your diet and fitness you'll spin your wheels and get nowhere. Got to shoot for 80%. Mini thread 👇

7 days ago

What are the biggest obstacles standing in the way of your fitness goals and your ideal physique?

7 days ago

Had a great time in Dubai doing business stuff, seeing the sights and eating lots of food. On the train home now, very much looking forward to seeing my wife and kids. Had to buy an extra bag and check it in for their presents 😂 t.co/277dyQZFCf

8 days ago

You'll start being treated differently when you start taking your health seriously.

8 days ago

For the last few days I've been pigging out on complete junk food. This usually happens to me when I end a cut where I've gotten to single-digit body fat. There's a rebound phase that can last for a few days to a week. Time to get back to eating normally. t.co/45t5v3ca9d

8 days ago

Another competition over on my Shred in 60 program! Make your version of a takeaway meal at home, and track the Macros and fit it into your goals. This is a strong, strong contender. Well done Brian t.co/STHnNDDGsV

8 days ago

You don't need to work on your form, you need to stop using weight that is too heavy for you. 1. Reduce the weight. 2. Lift it in a controlled manner. 3. Get better results. If you're not a powerlifter or strongman, you should always lift like this.

9 days ago

Just in case anyone was under any illusions with my recent content... t.co/2HuQMCy3bt

9 days ago