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Most training programs are convoluted and time-consuming for no reason. They don't even get you a better result! Read this if you want your own training program that will help you gain muscle all over your body without spending hours in the gym👇 You only need 6 movements… t.co/KNc1ixGiLZ t.co/4PzcRlHo5t

5 days ago

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There is someone out there: - With more kids than you - Who works more hours than you - Sleeps less than you Who has a consistent fitness routine. I like to remind myself of this when I tell myself I "don't have time".

6 days ago

Almost 3 weeks on Shred in 60 and the wins are starting to come in t.co/TCg1tAVZTD

6 days ago

Stop telling yourself that you need an hour to do a workout.

6 days ago

Lifting weights is the key to: - Less fat - Longer life - More muscle - More strength - Better quality of life - Healthy example for your kids

6 days ago

Judging by the number of DMs I get asking if I have a newsletter... I clearly don't promote it enough. So if you want to get on it... Download these 10 free workout programs and you'll be added 👇

6 days ago

Your future quality of life depends on how well you're able to build muscle.

7 days ago

Not strength training means getting weaker and weaker as you get older. It's as non-negotiable as brushing your teeth.

7 days ago

I used to look in the mirror after a workout to "see the difference"... Little did I know, all I was seeing was a temporary pump. Your muscles don't get stronger in the gym. They get weaker. They're rebuilt when you're recovering. And building muscle takes a long time.

7 days ago

A friend told me it bothers him how much smaller his arms are now and it feels like he used to have more muscle. It was hard, but I had to tell him: "Stop dieting to lose weight without working out and eating lots of protein!" 3 months have passed now and he's thanking me.

7 days ago