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🚨 THREAD: I didn’t plan on having to tweet about it but rumours in the space spread fast and I need to clarify this before it gets out of hand (1/9)

Recently, I've been the target of harassment and false allegations from an individual who is having a manic episode after not being allowed to speak on my stage. I want to set the record straight and share some facts about this situation. (2/9)

This person tweeted out that I'm involved in every relevant scam/scandal going on, with no proof whatsoever. Baseless accusations meant to tarnish my reputation (3/9)

This person threatened to stab me on a voice call (I have this recorded and will be filing a restraining order) and has been going to great lengths to disparage my name since then. Here are some more of the things they have done: (4/9)

Created a Twitter Space with my show name an hour beforehand, where they're doing giveaways to confuse my followers and create confusion. (5/9)

Goes on Twitter Spaces and group chats to talk badly about me and spread lies. (6/9)

Uses my music, which references my past use of weed and alcohol, as a weak attempt to discredit me. I'm proud of overcoming those habits, and I fail to see how that's a bad thing. (7/9)

Constantly messages me and my business accounts to harass me. I've had to block this person on multiple platforms. (8/9)

He has made it extremely clear he is out to get me as evidenced by the attached image of our conversation on Telegram. (9/9) [img:ewJfgUTFB]

I have photo evidence to back up all of these claims. This is a clear case of targeted harassment, and I will take necessary legal action to protect myself and my reputation. Thank you for your support during this difficult time. 🙏🏼

Please like & retweet to help stop the defamation. Twitter is usually an echo chamber of negativity, let's change that today!

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