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YouTube is the most powerful university on the planet. But only a few use it for personal development. Here are 12 YouTube channels that'll help you grow:

1. Improvement pill • Learn how to break bad habits, and face your fears. • Find ahort videos that can be watched during short breaks to level up your game. 🔗

2. Fight mediocrity • Animated summaries of the best books, so you can get the gist in minutes. • Get access to motivational speeches by world leaders to unlock your hidden potential. 🔗

3. Thomas Frank • Insights on study techniques, habit tracking, and living a productive life. • Find how to ace job interviews and land more clients. 🔗

4. Matt D'Avella • Learn how to stop procrastinating, establish new habits, and wake up at the same time every day. • Get access to special 30-day experiment series that is chock-full of value. 🔗

5. Actualized. org • Master your mind and bring spirituality into your life by making better choices. • Find long-form content that will teach you how to leave the rat race and follow your conscience. 🔗

6. Big Think • Pay attention to people like Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nyeas they share their insights into concepts that will help you live a better life. • Learn unknown facts about God, Space, and Human Body. 🔗

7. Nathaniel Drew • Experiments with a lot of different things in his daily life and shares them with you. • The most popular are 30 days of cold showers, 7 days of learning Italian, and a year of meditation. 🔗

8. Better ideas • Joey from Better ideas will help you define why you're unproductive, tired, and purposeless in your life. •You'll find psychological reasoning to explain why you behave in a certain way that hits on the head like a nail. 🔗

9. ATHLEAN-X™ • Find all the latest FREE workouts, nutrition and training advice to get you on your way to a healthy, leaner, more muscular, athletic body by training like an athlete. • Stay fit, Crush all your goals. 🔗

10. Ali Abdaal • If you’re struggling with productivity and procrastination this is the guy you're looking for. • Learn how to be the best version of yourself by establishing systems to seamlessly go through life and do most of your work. 🔗

11. Productivity Game • Productivity Game is one best book reviews on YouTube. Every book review is within 10 minutes. • If you’re only looking to learn a quick summary of a book then Productivity Game videos are perfect. 🔗

12. One Percent Better • Animated book summaries to easily digest information. • Get the key lessons from success and self-development books in 10 minutes or less. 🔗

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