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29 days ago

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The most valuable skill to excel in life: "Remembering what you read." But it's too hard to retain Information in your head. Here are 7 frameworks to unlock the maximum potential of your mind 🧵:

1. 3 Line summary After finishing a book, try to summarise it in 3 points: 1. The main idea of the entire book. 2. How to describe it to a 5-year-old. 3. What's one actionable takeaway that can be implemented right now?

2. Skim it first Before starting any book/chapter, skim through it. Look at the index, headings, and diagrams. Warm up your mind to prepare what's coming its way. At the end of the day, you want to remember the fundamentals from where you can find all the other branches.

3. Take Creative Notes Creating notes on anything you read is the fastest way to save time. You don't have to go through the entire book/chapter to get the gist of it. Make small snippets where you're highlighting the key point. All the "aha" moments.

4. Active & Passive reading Your brain is not wired to remember but to associate. If you link what you've read to your memories, you've created a path, a trail to follow. Anytime you want to reach it remember the first memory. Like you recall numbers and alphabets.

5. Recalling it Why do you remember songs so well? Because you're replaying it in your head all the time. Do this with your new learnings. Whenever you're doing any chore, try to remember what you learned. Do this while the memory is fresh ( within 24 hours)

6. A Solid Why Before reading anything, just ask yourself 2 questions. • What I'm reading? • Why am I reading it? This will help in switching gears. Subconscious to conscious. It's creating a folder in your system with labels. Easy to find reasons than facts.

7. Interleaving. If you read a book in 1 day, chances are everything will be foggy after some time. Why? Because you didn't give enough time to connect the dots. Per "Understanding how we learn" book —Take as many breaks to strengthen your understanding.

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