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7 Google Chrome extensions that'll make you believe you have superpowers. [ All Free ] ā†“

1. ScribeHow [ @ScribeHow ] Extension for screen recording that immediately converts any procedure into a tutorial. Perfect for: entrepreneurs, educators, founders, and more. Save 93% of time spent on recording and sharing procedures. šŸ”— t.co/8mxbUdZ3FZ t.co/rfmBk0sxWM

2. OSlash [ @getoslash ] Create shortcuts that everyone remembers. Get what you need, when you need it, wherever you are šŸ”— t.co/sNq0PV66mR t.co/eALDfSrpvj

3. Bardeen [ @bardeenai ] One-click automation for your repetitive tasks. Automate repetitive tasks without code right from your browser. šŸ”— t.co/SlcH8yCkIG t.co/rj6CRcZJfw

4. Arcade [ @arcade_demo ] Build playful interactive demos. Showcase your products with interactive demos that can be embedded inside websites, blog posts, or tweets. šŸ”— t.co/5bKTn7hMAD t.co/3bX5UF7kCa

5. BrandBird [ @BrandBirdApp ] Turn screenshots into beautiful social media images & posts. Brand your accounts uniquely by creating templates, adding your brand colors, and your personal watermark! šŸ”— t.co/eXb3ZZxSX4 t.co/oVJlrH5BzH

6. tl;dv [ @tldview ] Video-Record and Transcribe G Meet & Zoom. Timestamp meeting moments. Share with one click. Search every spoken word from any conversation. šŸ”— t.co/DyZTHgqnTw t.co/q9eVMiD8gL

7. Glasp [ @_Glasp ] Highlight & add notes as you read. Create a library of your learning. Works on YouTube and Kindle too. šŸ”— t.co/rAZddjiiJM t.co/fa7MtBQ0Om

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