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10 Effective small habits that'll make a big difference in your life ( learn in 2 mins ) :

1. No Blue light 1 hour before bed Mobile screens are sleep eaters. Avoid looking at bright screens 1 to 2 hours before bed. But bad habits can’t be just deleted they must be replaced. A good way is to read yourself to sleep. Keep a book near your bedstand.

2. 3 tasks Monday feels overwhelming for a reason, and that reason is that your mind is unprepared. It's searching everywhere for tasks that need to be done. Calm it down by giving it direction and write the 3 most important tasks of the day. Use free apps like Todoist.

3. Journal for 5 min People always cringe when they see old photos of themselves because they have changed so much. Thoughts change much faster than that, but you have nothing to compare them to. Writing every day helps you improve: • Thought process • Reflection journey

4. Coffee but only after 90 min. If you’re gulping coffee straight out of bed you’re creating chances of mid-day crashes. The other alternative is to use Electrolytes. Use them to get through the first hour of the day, then supplement with coffee later.

5. Shut down Ritual No matter how productive you’re there’s always something that is left to be done. But your mind's focus capacity for a given day is limited. Once you hit that, you won't be able to produce quality work of any kind. That's why you need to switch it off.

6. Meditation for 3 minutes Giving yourself time to think in a world where everyone is fighting for work-life balance is crucial. Daily meditation for just 3 minutes can profoundly affect your mental health. If you're a beginner, include it in your morning routine.

7. Walk for 10 minutes Great writers like Cal Newsport call this Productive meditation. You’re occupied physically but not mentally. So it's great for problem-solving and you might end up with: • Innovative Concepts. • A fresh perspective on a problem.

8. Turn off your notifications Research suggests 80% of smartphone users check their mobile devices within 15 minutes of waking up. Turn them off so that you only see them when you open the app. This will help in : • Being more present. • Controlling the urge of FOMO.

9. Fix your posture Benefits of good posture: • Increased Confidence • More Energy • Greater Self-Esteem and Better Mood. • Easier Breathing. • Less Frequent Headaches. • Boosted Productivity. This 5 Mins exercise will do a lot more t.co/eeNmpdoH80

10. Express Gratitude Write down 5 mins every day for anything you are grateful for. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, and deal with adversity. 5 mins exercise will drastically bring change in your life

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