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12 months ago

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How I got 32 qualified leads (and counting) in 12 hours. Follow this 5 steps process: << a thread ๐Ÿงต>> [img:gy7M7Vc26]

[Step 1/5]: Give FREE Value The 1st order or business is to create a FREE tutorial video. Upload this video on YouTube but keep it 'unlisted.' Give free value so the prospect: 1. Know that you're competent. 2. Get them to warm up to your personality through the video. [img:vid-aTP90kIKa]

[Step 2/5]: Host your FREE material Create a 'Thank You' page & embed your video tutorial there. At the bottom of the page should be a CTA button (book a call). [img:lLIkXj1jY]

[Step 3/5]: Opt-In Landing Page Next, build a landing page with an email opt-in form to collect prospects' emails. [img:j5Ecg_EwD]

[Step 4/5]: Promotion Promote the landing page on: 1. Twitter 2. any of your relevant YouTube videos,or 3. YouTube 'about' page. [img:pyAPyY5YW]

[Step 5/5] 1. Ascend trust those who filled out the form with an email sequence. 2. Contact them to offer your help & services.

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