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12 months ago

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3 lessons learned from building an inbound lead gen machine with YouTube. The other day, I exchanged strategies with another YouTube funnels guy, @CTRcatalyst Here's what we picked up from our session, so you can use it in your business: << a thread ๐Ÿงต>> [img:xjwR4IRP6]

[Lesson 1]: Entrepreneurs are flocking to YouTube. With some following on Twitter, the next logical progression to: 1. Make prospects like you as a person 2. show competence with educational videos YouTube is naturally the best place for educators & personalities. [img:INcweNBT9]

[Lesson 2]: YouTube Inbound Lead Strategy Here's how it works: Educational videos โ†’ lead magnet โ†’ high potential customer. [img:2dJNDkEUB]

[Lesson 3]: What Entrepreneurs are struggling the most: 1. What topics to talk about. 2. Thumbnail design (critical) 3. Video editing If you're looking to learn more about building an inbound lead gen machine with YouTube, give me,@HelmiHasan_com & @CTRcatalyst a follow.

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