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The Founders Collective

Why do we often dismiss new tech as a passing fad? As someone deeply involved in startups, I'm constantly surrounded by buzzwords and "next big things." Yet, it's crucial to differentiate between hype and genuinely transformative tech. t.co/2AXqWGA1qD

2 months ago

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Leadership Insight: Have you ever considered the impact of delegating goals instead of tasks? Let's dive into why this shift can transform your team's dynamics and performance. 🧵 #DelegationRevolution #LeadByGoals #EmpowerToAchieve #BeyondTasks #TeamInnovation t.co/88fvn0y2zJ

2 months ago

As entrepreneurs, we pride ourselves on our execution. But what if the path you're on isn't leading to success? The answer might just be a PIVOT. *** #Entrepreneurship #Pivoting #StartupStrategy #BusinessGrowth #FoundersCollective t.co/bUI770lLpv

2 months ago

Founders, quick tip on raising capital: Speed is your ally. The difference between closing the deal and losing it often comes down to how quickly you follow up. #QuickFollowUp #FundraisingHacks #StartupMindset #EfficientFounders #EngageInvestors t.co/j8uWKCYr95

2 months ago

Building an executive team is a high-stakes game. It's not just about filling positions; it's about securing the future of your company. Here's why getting it right matters. 🧵 *** #LeadershipHiring #StartUpCulture #HiringTips #BusinessLeaders #FounderAdvice t.co/ji6boBHofp

2 months ago