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The Founders Collective

This quote by Seneca haunts me. “The whole future lies in uncertainty. Live immediately.” My question is always … am I living? Are you living? 🧵 #LiveNow #LimitlessLiving #MindsetShift #SenecaQuotes #EmbraceUncertainty t.co/QZBEEqH8qm

17 days ago

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I scaled my last startup to tens of millions in revenue through M&A. Here was my playbook. t.co/IlQE3kThcM

19 days ago

As a founder, our journey is more than just the businesses we build; it's about designing a life that complements our entrepreneurial spirit. In this weeks edition of The Founder's Collective Newsletter, we dive deep into Life Design for Founders. My top 3 takeaways 🧵 t.co/7K75y2GXxv

20 days ago

Growth doesn't just happen in our comfort zones. It's the challenges, the complicated situations, and the moments of discomfort that truly shape us. A thread ...

21 days ago

Trying to build a high performance culture? My new cheat sheet will help. t.co/NShL79kUwL

23 days ago

The FREEDOM ECONOMY is forever changing the Future of Work. A thread. 🧵 #FreedomEconomy #Solopreneur #GigEconomy #StartUpLife #InnovateWork t.co/Kyw5RlsUPE

24 days ago

If you want to make sure you are building your startup for success, avoid these 7 habits that can sabotage it.🧵 Keep the cheatsheet below as a reminder of what NOT to do! #StartupMistakes #EntrepreneurTips #BusinessGrowth #LeadershipHacks #SuccessMindset t.co/p0Rv9kspkO

25 days ago

Chip Conley, a beacon of wisdom, has profoundly influenced Airbnb's trajectory with his insights. A thread 🧵 #WisdomInBusiness #StartUpLife #MentorGoals #LeadershipDevelopment #ContinuousLearning t.co/A1Smv4zKC1

26 days ago

Scaling a startup? It hinges on your leadership team. There's no way around it. The equation is simple: ✅ Great teams = Great companies 🆗 Mediocre teams = 'Also-rans' ❌ Poor teams = Failure What's your pick? 🧵 t.co/HWa0uHpY4i

27 days ago

The worst advice I've ever received is "Fail fast." It's a common mantra, but is it truly effective? Let's dive deeper. 🧵 #LearnFast #StartupGrowth #InnovationMindset #EntrepreneurResilience #BeyondFailFast t.co/TnHQVZ9PUr

28 days ago