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LMAX Digital is an absolute beast. Year-to-date they have done: - $161 billion trading volume - 35 million trades - 5+ million total BTC equivalent traded - Active institutional clients up 12% YoY They just keep growing at an insane pace.

I recently caught up with CEO @Mercerdavid who has some interesting takes about how institutions have really reacted to the crypto winter. Been working with LMAX for awhile, so some of these thoughts really caught my attention πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

Winter chills: the winter is challenging, but what will emerge in the β€˜crypto spring’ will be a more resilient crypto market structure.

Real Money: The most important factor that will drive the stabilization of the bitcoin & crypto market will be institutional participation; institutional participation will be most heavily influenced by market access.

Technology: One critical component to market access is tech - it plays a critical role in large-scale adoption. Continued investment in blockchain-based infrastructure – supported by digital assets – will result in pressure to reduce settlement times and speed up processes.

In order for institutions to have the confidence to move funds in a trustless way, the market will need to develop technology that offers solutions at scale that make such transactions truly compelling, meaning the rewards outweigh any risks.

Finally, @LMAX and @Mercerdavid created LMAX Digital so institutions had a safe, market-leading solution for physical trading. It is based on LMAX Group proven institutional grade technology, 100% uptime and liquidity relationships. More on this beast: t.co/luosOt5mVI

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