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Can you launch your startup in 1 week? Absolutely! Actually, you should. I've built 14+ products and scaled one to $1,000,000 ARR Let me teach you how to build one in a week:

Why going that fast in the first place? Because 95% of products end nowhere. Build more to drastically increase your chances one will skyrocket. And here is how to do so:

What do you need to launch a startup? 1) Creatives (Logo and Branding) 2) A Website 3) The Core Product 4) Payment System 5) An Organised Workspace 6) Launch Publicity 7) Marketing 8) Feedback Let's tackle each one👇🏽

[1] Creatives (Logo and Branding) (a) Got access to DALL·E 2? Great! - Try putting in phrases related to your idea and take inspiration from them. If you don't have access to DALL·E 2, then don't worry.

(b) Canva - Dozens of free templates and elements. - You can design creatives easily, without any prior experience.

(c) Figma - The best app to design logos, mockups and prototypes. - Easy to share with team members, and collaborate on projects online. Create your logo here, as well as the mockups and prototypes you'll need.

(d) - Create product screenshots for free with just a few clicks. - Choose your favorite mockup, upload your design and voila!

[2] A Website (a) Use - The fastest way to build a website. Just pick a template and enjoy the insanely low prices.

(b) Use Webflow for more complex websites - No-code tool to build ANY kind of website. - Recommended if you want to make yours more interactive.

[3] The Core Product We prototyped productlift .ai in less than a week using no-code👇 (a) - Build a fully functional web app without any code. - The tool is completely free to build; you only pay for it once your audience starts to grow.

(b) - Amazingly intuitive tools to collect, organize and collaborate in UX, Strategy, Design & Development - You can create a Sitemap, Build Flowcharts, Research Users, Plan Customer Journey, Manage Content and much more!

(c) - Create prototypes for testing your product out - Doesn't cost a lot either

[4] Payment system (a) - Make your customer-facing payment pages very fast - Integrate natively in tons of tools

(b) - Cost more than Stripe but avoid handling complex stuff like VAT with Paddle

[5] Creating an Organized workspace (a) Set your base up on - Take notes, manage all research, create tasks for the team and assign them. - Can be as simple or complex as you want it to be

(b) - Connect your website with Google Sheets, Gmail, Notion etc. - Send an email if the user does an action X. - Create a task on Notion if the user does an action Y. You probably won't need a developer once you start using Zapier.

(c) - You can communicate with your team in an organized manner. - Can be integrated with almost all the other tools you may be using. - Has dozens of Slack bots to help you automate lots of tasks.

[6] Launch Publicity (a) - Publish your product on Product Hunt - Products submitted by users get listed in a linear format by day - They also send out a daily email which lists all the top tech products of the previous day

(b) - A list of tech-related media sites sortable by a number of Twitter followers and Alexa rank - This tool doesn't do all the work for you but it makes it easier to come up with your initial outreach list.

(c) - If you have some money to spare then check out Cision! - Cision maintains a database of approximately 1.4 million journalists, editors, and influencers

[7] The Marketing aspect (a) Perfect your SEO using Ahrefs

(b) - One of the best showcases of email design and resources. - They have over 10,000 great emails for you to learn from!

(c) - Ask your top users to make video testimonials for your website.

[8] Gain feedback to improve your product (a) - Simple to use form builder. - Allows you to create visually appealing and engaging questionnaires that get you high completion rates.

(b) - Learn how your visitors are really using your site. - You can look at heatmaps, funnels, forms and a lot more. - There is a free version too!

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