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David Perrel grew to 355K+ followers His execution is brilliant - so I looked closely and here is what I found 12 Twitter Lessons from @david_perell's growth:

1. Commit David understood the value of a Twitter audience early on And invested time and effort into building it It's a professional platform for him. And to him, it's worth more than his college degree

2. Brand Yourself David branded himself as "The Writing Guy" on Twitter very early on. It instantly made him memorable to his followers. Use your bio to showcase your Niche + Expertise Make it obvious to new people what your account is about.

3. Write for big accounts Treat them as big nodes on a network and write what they will retweet. Write the best replies to their viral tweets. That's the best way to get followers early on. David did that a lot to attract new followers when he was starting

4. Use the Content Triangle - Take ideas from your daily conversations - Test them out in your Tweets - See what resonates with the audience and turn it into longer posts/threads This way you know what you're writing will always work!

5. Write threads Lots of them! David has written hundreds of viral threads. Threads supercharge your growth because they get shared a lot. And they improve your writing because you get feedback on each tweet. You can see which ideas work and double down on them.

6. Own your audience Twitter is like a party. You meet cool people. But eventually you want to invite them over to your home and build a deeper relationship. David does that in his 3 newsletters. He plugs free email courses under his best threads to grow his newsletters.

7. Share everything for free David is one of the best online writers in the world. And he regularly shares his best writing advice on Twitter. This establishes him as an authority on the topic. And also adds a ton of value to his audience. Example -

8. Curate Apart from sharing his own knowledge, David also shares the best content from around the internet. This adds variety to his feed and keeps things fresh for his audience. The right mix of education + entertainment

9. Screenshot Essays David writes tons of mini-essays, and often converts them into screenshot essays. This gives a new way for his audience to consume his content. They get value without scrolling, or going off the platform. And improve engagement.

10. Have Spiky Opinions David has strong opinions about topics like online writing and education. It's not about dropping polarized tweets, but building quality content around them. Spiky opinions get shared and discussed a lot.

11. Actively curate your feed David finds new people to follow from the liked tweets of his favourite people. Amazing hack to keep your feed high quality!

12. Leverage the power of DMs David connects with like minded people via direct messages. He thinks they are the most powerful part of Twitter.

Hope it will be helpful in your own growth journey. If it is, let your followers find these gems from David πŸ‘‰ RT this thread ♻️ Thanks ❀️

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