How to grow a Twitter account - 12 lessons from @aaditsh's explosive growth

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This creator blows my mind 🀯 Went from 0 to 100k followers in less than a year - now above 200k He's a master at audience building And he's just 20 I studied his growth, here's what I found. 12 Twitter lessons from @aaditsh's growth:

1. Follow The Top 1% Rule. Look at the top 1% people in any field and copy them. Don't plagiarize, don't copy their content. But copy their process and add your own spin to it. Aadit was inspired by the amazing creators Ali Abdaal, David Perell, Jack Butcher and Sahil Bloom.

2. Make Authentic Friends. Reach out to people you admire, build connections with them. Promote the people who engage with you - small or big. Aadit DMed every follower when he was at less than 1000 followers. He even sent video DMs to larger accounts who he liked a lot.

3. Write Twitter threads Aadit writes great threads breaking down concepts around audience building, business and life. His threads get shared widely and boost his following For example - this thread about writing probably got him 3k+ followers

4. Be specific Aadit is laser focused on the topics he writes about on Twitter. His followers know what to expect from him. And he delivers with his tweets, threads and newsletter.

5. Have a great bio Your bio is your Twitter landing page. It has to be optimised for conversions. Aadit's specificity of topics comes out clearly in his bio. Potential followers know exactly what to expect from him, and follow him instantly.

6. Be consistent Showing up every day on Twitter is Aadit's "secret growth hack". It's important for the algorithm as well as his followers.

7. Curate your following The Twitter algorithm does a very poor job of showing you great content. But if you don't see tweets and threads from important people, then you will never engage with them. Aadit solves this problem by using Twitter lists and TweetDeck.

8. Use Twitter Advanced Search Twitter search is bad, but Twitter advanced search is great for finding the best content from any account Use this to see Aadit's best tweets (from:aaditsh) min_faves:500 until:2022-09-01 since:2020-05-01 Or use @TweetHunterIO for an easier way

9. Mute trolls As your account grows you are bound to get trolled by a few people. But that shouldn't spoil your Twitter experience. Aadit uses the mute button generously to make sure trolls never get to bother him. Trolls aren't worth your time.

10. Build an email list Building an audience on Twitter means you have to deal with platform risk. Turning followers into subscribers is the best way to mitigate that risk. Aadit plugs his newsletter under his best performing tweets and threads -

11. Take connections off Twitter Aadit is great at forming deeper friendships with his Twitter friends, and even collaborate with them He runs the fantastic course and community Maker's Mark with @brandonthezhang Brandon and Aadit met through Twitter

12. Use Tools Using the right tools can supercharge your Twitter growth. Aadit uses Tweet Hunter to schedule tweets, write threads and even engage with his community.

Hope this was helpful in your own Twitter growth. If it was let your followers find these gems from Aadit πŸ‘‰ RT this thread ♻️ Thanks ❀️

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