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Ghostwriting is the best way to make your first $100k Follow these 5 steps to start earning $10k/month:

What is ghostwriting (on Twitter)? You write tweets for other people to grow their accounts and get paid to do so I know tons of people who quickly ramped up decent earnings from that, here is what they did:

Step 1: Pick a niche Make a list of all the categories of content you like to consume on Twitter [img:UN9F3FkIy]

Now, you need to find out which Niche could you write the best content for Say you're interested in Audience Building

On a scale of 1 to 10, how curious are you about Audience Building? On a scale of 1 to 10, how much direct experience do you have in Audience Building?

Curiosity matters because you need to study how to build an audience to write about it Experience matters because you need to understand how to build an audience firsthand

Now let's say these are your scores in each niche Turns out, you are curious about fitness and also an expert on fitness [img:kwGzasxiH]

Step 1 is done. You know your niche. Now we will turn your curiosity and expertise in fitness into a business.

Step 2: Find people to ghostwrite for In this case, go to Tweethunter and type out 'fitness' [img:gif-zzgdk9LDp]

You will find hundreds of creators and their best-performing content on Fitness[img:gif-NFu7AH-Qa]

You could be ghostwriting for many of them Make a list of 50 accounts that you like[img:_R_mgFh6t]

Now, 1) You've picked your niche 2) You have a list of 50 people you would like to write for You're ready to pitch your service to them

3. Create a good pitch What a bad pitch sounds like: Hey, I'm Tibo and I can ghostwrite for you and grow your account Are you looking for a ghostwriter?

What a good pitch looks like: Click on this photo and follow the format[img:RtI5lZ_Ij]

4. Engage and DM - Set Tweet notifications on for all of them - Reply in the first 2 minutes every time they tweet - Say intelligent things that catch their attention - Do this for 1 week and make your name familiar to them - DM all 50 prospects

5. Make it a process 1. Pick a niche 2. Find creators 3. Create an offer 4. Engage 5. Repeat this once each month You'll have a $1k/month business soon, 10k will follow.

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