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The Twitter algo is not efficient Here are the threads which actually help me grow my business Gems of the week 💎👇

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✍️ Creator: @IAmCoachClint 🔖 Topic: Deeply personal story of recovering from burnout and life transformation. 🔑 Key Lessons: Family and health is the first priority. And it's never too late to come back. 🧵Thread: twitter.com/IAmCoachClint/status/1525862325076606976

✍️ Creator: @waronweakness 🔖 Topic: 7 Emails you can write to make 10X more money. 🔑 Key Lessons: Love the "How to email", the "story email" and the "interesting fact" email. 🧵Thread: twitter.com/waronweakness/status/1526888585374449667

✍️ Creator: @itsonlydolz 🔖 Topic: Actionable strategies to increase revenue for DTC brands. 🔑 Key Lessons: Have customized flows for different types of customers. Offer instant upsells. Get customers to sell for you. 🧵Thread: twitter.com/itsonlydolz/status/1526566713738903553

✍️ Creator: @MoneyJrod 🔖 Topic: What is an Index Fund and how to get started with investing in them. 🔑 Key Lessons: It's like owning a basket of stocks. Low fees, broad exposure, and self-cleansing. 🧵Thread: twitter.com/MoneyJrod/status/1526547879703322625

✍️ Creator: @SchmelebeckPPC 🔖 Topic: How To Maximize eCommerce Revenue w/ YouTube Ads 🔑 Key Lessons: Complete YouTube ads course in 1 thread. Incredible value 🔥🔥🔥 🧵Thread: twitter.com/SchmelebeckPPC/status/1526324617819959302

✍️ Creator: @cmwalker 🔖 Topic: Summary of the book: $100million offers by Alex Hormozi 🔑 Key Lessons: Find a hungry market. Create a grand slam offer. Psychological vs Logical Solutions. 🧵Thread: twitter.com/cmwalker/status/1526155527943757824

✍️ Creator: @alexh459 🔖 Topic: How Closify made $491k in the last 14 months 🔑 Key Lessons: Cold emails work. SEO is powerful. Personal brand brings inbound leads. 🧵Thread: twitter.com/alexh459/status/1526231001546076160

✍️ Creator: @NiallRatcliffe 🔖 Topic: How Gmail became the best email provider in the world 🔑 Key Lessons: Fascinating launch strategy from the Gmail team. Exclusivity and network effects for the win 🏆 🧵Thread: twitter.com/NiallRatcliffe/status/1526103915225403393

✍️ Creator: @HarrisFanaroff 🔖 Topic: Twitter outreach strategy. 🔑 Key Lessons: Great lessons, and also emphasizes the power of Twitter as a professional networking platform. 🧵Thread: twitter.com/HarrisFanaroff/status/1526941181078298627

✍️ Creator: @jonbrosio 🔖 Topic: How to Create Viral Content. 🔑 Key Lessons: There are repeatable patterns in high-performing tweets. Jon shares 21 great examples of these patterns. Use them for your next thread. 🧵Thread: twitter.com/jonbrosio/status/1525121189227728898

✍️ Creator: @joeDmarti 🔖 Topic: How to organically grow your Twitter following. 🔑 Key Lessons: 7 actionable strategies that can help anyone build an audience on Twitter. 🧵Thread: twitter.com/joeDmarti/status/1525868635406880768

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