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3 days ago

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tons of updates on GAMES FUND ONE over the last few months - our new fund focused on gaming, avatars, metaverse: - Omega Strikers launches! - we hired @DougMcCracken @Chen from Supercell/YouTube Gaming - we funded Theorycraft, Ready Player Me, and Gym Class VR ... thread๐Ÿ‘‡

Omega Strikers by @OdysseyStudio launched their beta on steam, and dropped an amazing trailer:

Welcome Lester, from YouTube Gaming. He's heading up all our partnerships with gaming creators:

Plus, hello Doug McCracken from Supercell, who's joining us to head up our marketing team:

From Scopely/Blizzard/Meta, we're excited to have Josh Lu (@JoshLu)

We announced our seed round in @Gymclassvr, a new VR studio combining social and basketball :)

Along with a16z crypto, we also funded @readyplayerme:

Today, we announced that we've funded @theorycraft_inc led by the amazing @newzerozeroone! One of the best new startups in the games industry:

And finally, we're adding to the team :) In particular, a new Analyst for the investment team - alongside many other roles - and we'd love to chat with y'all about it:

We also invested in @AzraGames and their new upcoming web3 game. We're excited to be working with a16z crypto on this:

And another - @BitCraftOnline from Clockwork Labs. They are developing a gorgeous new MMO

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