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14 days ago

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The Paradox of Time: We are aware of the precious value of our time, but constantly take actions that are disrespectful of that value. Your relationship with time will change when you start asking a few important questions. Today’s piece went deeper…

We spend hours doom scrolling social media while our loved ones are sitting right in front of us. We refresh a website 100 times rather than getting the task done and getting out of there to see friends. We spend more time taking pictures of the scene than actually enjoying it.

Questions you need to ask: How many more times will you see your parents? They’re getting older and it never gets easier to make the trip to see them. How many more times will you get together for a trip with your friends? They become harder to plan as responsibilities rise.

The Harsh Truth: The answer to all of these questions is probably lower than you think. There is no *right* answer to any of this. There are tradeoffs to consider, assumptions to question, and questions to ask as you determine how you will allocate time and find fulfillment.

I’m working through hundreds of replies to this email. This is my favorite one so far… I love my job.

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