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8 days ago

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I stopped drinking alcohol ~9 years ago this month. Every year I share this post, which I wrote 1 year in. Everything + more is still true. If struggling w/ alcohol, it feels impossible to improve. Used to feel this way! But there's a way!

And a more in depth and updated video.

I'm not against alcohol. It's an amazing tool. Can be fun, build camaraderie, and more. But for some, like me, it doesn't jive! But oddly, abusing alcohol is, I think, considered acceptable and normal in our culture.

It feels like in order of acceptance, its: 1. Alcohol 2. Cigs 3. Weed I think that order should be reversed, because alcohol seems so much more harmful. Just mind boggling how we accept alcohol abuse.

So, get drunk. Have fun. But be responsible. And if you're like me and don't handle moderation well...quit! My life is so much better without it!

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