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17 days ago

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I think this is true within companies by job function, too, though it’s a lot more difficult to explicitly say you’re doing it then. Most firms e.g. tremendously underassign talented engineers to marketing/sales/recruiting work. If you could fix that, you’d reap benefits.

One of the persistent reasons for engineer griping about the recruiting experience is there is a gulf between the median engineer and the median recruiter in… a lot of factors… at companies which have a high bar for engineers.

That is definitely not an easy thing to say in a meeting with one’s recruiting team, particularly when by their lights they are doing a very hard job and succeeding at it.

(Commentary on industry norms rather than particular identifiable teams, etc etc.)

Anyhow shower thought: there should be dev evangelists with a recruiting brief rather than a sales brief.

“Raise the status of engineering for mortgage companies. You have no other job.”

*gives conference talk* “Hope you liked that! Anyhow if you think I know this stuff you should meet the engineers and EMs who actually build it every day. I can make that happen; see me later.”

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