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21 days ago

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There are 4 key chemicals associated with happiness: • Dopamine • Seratonin • Endorphins • Oxytocin You can impact them naturally through daily habits: • 30+ min daily exercise • Direct AM sunlight • Proper nutrition • Positive human interaction Simple is beautiful.

The basics will always get you the vast majority of the benefits. Most of what you’re “sold” is the long tail of solutions that sound sexy and complicated but create marginal benefits at best. Focus on nailing building blocks—then you can turn your attention to the long tail.

I’m definitely guilty of breaking this rule at times. I find it fun to explore the fringe ideas and concepts and experiment with them. If you focus on the long tail without nailing the basics, you’re dressing a pig up in a tuxedo… It might look fancy, but it’s still a pig.

I’ll continue to share in real time as I experiment with long tail solutions across a variety of arenas (physical health, mindfulness, etc.). But I’ll always ground my thinking in a focus on the building blocks. I hope a few people out there will join me on the fun journey!

And I’ll also keep doing stupid s*** like this for pure entertainment purposes (and so @ElizabethSBloom can keep calling me crazy).

Figuring out how to get daily sunlight in a colder northern climate is my next challenge. Any ideas @hubermanlab? Winter is coming…

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