Balaji Srinivasan


28 days ago

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The good news is that the establishment has much diminished soft power. They do not convince anyone who isn't already convinced. The bad news is that the establishment retains much hard power. They do not convince, so they will coerce.

How do we know soft power has plummeted? The stock market is down, and that's been much discussed. But media engagement is also way down, and that's been less discussed.

The last (unannounced) pivot was from the war on terror to wokeness. The next pivot is already underway. It's the pivot from wokeness to statism. Just raw force in the name of the flag, against global dissidents and decentralists. Causing realignment.

@lessin The subgraph pictured is just an example, one could do a more rigorous version. The human judgment comes in the selection of the initial “training set”, namely the nodes one labels as part of the establishment. (Note that there are also multiple counter-establishment groups.)

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