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πŸš€ Passed 300,000 remote worker profiles on t.co/i0XuxCtfyp now! 😊 Adding ~26,000 remote worker profiles per month now. 🚦 Main lead now is limiting applying to job posts to signed up users only which 35x'd signups and started as an anti-spam measure t.co/vTZ0XQvKhX

I remember ppl at other job sites told me their priority was getting user profiles, I barely understood why, but just added them last year The idea is getting a moat of registered users which is valuable for companies After awhile you can charge $ to companies for that

For now profiles are used by the site to immediately auto match people to jobs Within 100 miliseconds of a new job being posted by a company, the robot sends out thousands of emails to people that match the requirements (based on tags) so they can apply first

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