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about 1 month ago

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What are the Black Holes in your life? Let me explain:

In the movie Interstellar, there’s a scene in which the main characters discuss the habitability of a planet on the edge of a large black hole. They realize that the proximity to the black hole makes life unlikely to exist on the planet. Why?

The black hole absorbed all of the “lucky” events that might have been the spark for life. The asteroids carrying the seeds of life, the chance collisions—none could occur. In other words, the “luck surface area” of the planet was minuscule given the pull of the black hole.

I think about this scene a lot. It’s a uniquely powerful metaphor for life. In order to get lucky, you have to remove the “black holes” from your existence. “Black Holes” are the people, behaviors, and actions that are anti-luck.

So what are these black holes in your life? Some common ones I’ve observed: • Negative, cynical people • Complaints • Desire to be the smartest • Fear of embarrassment • Unwillingness to talk to strangers

Think critically about your own life. Identify the black holes that are shrinking your luck surface area. What actions or habits are anti-luck? What people or relationships are anti-luck? Slowly, methodically scrub them from your life.

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This is really just an example of inversion in action: Forward: What are the pro-luck actions I can take? Inverted: What are the anti-luck actions/people I can remove?

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