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Meet Hero of Alexandria, a Greek mathematician and engineer. He is responsible for many inventions that you probably didn't realize trace their history back thousands of years. Here are some of my favorite examples 👇🏼 t.co/nriKKBylsY

Hero of Alexandria invented the aeolipile. This is the first known steam engine and was created somewhere around 100 B.C. Eventually the Industrial Revolution would happen based on this simple invention. t.co/1UgqgHEzH7

Hero of Alexandria invented a fire engine in the first century in Egypt. Pumping water with physical effort remained an important mechanism across societies for hundreds of years. t.co/gSzTeqeujG

Hero of Alexandria invented the world's first wind-powered machine. This design served as the inspiration for various modern tools, including windmills. t.co/qryqZ2mIku

Hero of Alexandria invented the world's first vending machine during the 1st century in Roman Egypt. Users would insert coins and the machine would dispense holy water. t.co/vGKsDv1M29

We constantly hear about Leonardo da Vinci, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Ben Franklin, and other amazing inventors. Hero of Alexandria is less known, but just as important. He pushed the boundaries of math, physics, and engineering first. Incredible.

Hero of Alexandria is also credited with inventing: - thermometers - Heron's fountain - principle of shortest path of light - square root of a number - calculation of area of triangle - self-filling wine bowl This is not a comprehensive list, but shows how effective he was.

Hero of Alexandria invented the Dioptra. This is the foundation for modern astronomy and surveying instruments. t.co/JZuOYpoBNX

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