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about 2 months ago

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5 simple principles to accelerate your career:

Principle: Follow Your Curiosity Humans are born with astonishing curiosity. But somewhere along the way, we're told to stop asking questions. Push back. Learn to follow your curiosity—trust it. For the curious mind, anything is possible. Fortune favors the curious.

Principle: Operate in Your Zone of Genius Your Zone of Genius is where your interests, passions and skills align. Operating in your Zone of Genius means playing games you are uniquely well-suited to win. It means you can stop playing *their* games and start playing *yours*.

Principle: Adopt a Positive Sum Mentality Want to get ahead in life? Start genuinely rooting for others to succeed. When one of us wins, we all win—winning spreads. If you adopt that mentality, you’ll become a magnet for the highest quality people.

Principle: Speak Up Closed mouths don’t get fed. A little push goes a long way. Don't sit back and wait for good things to happen. If you want something—and you’ve put in the work for it—ask for it. Worst case: you’re told no and nothing has changed. Best case: it’s yours.

Principle: Play Long-Term Games Life is the ultimate long game. Those with low time preference play it more effectively—they happily delay gratification to allow compounding to work its magic. In a world of people seeking instant gratification, this is a meaningful edge.

Thanks to @drex_jpg for the beautiful visualizations of these principles. Follow for more great work!

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