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about 1 month ago

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Before starting a new project w/ someone, I make us answer some alignment questions: -what does success look like (specifically)? -what lifestyle do we want? -what will we give up to achieve this? Doing this has been a game changer. Why?

Example: I want a $10m/year biz with $5m profit that I cash out. I'm willing to work 30 hours a week and take off summers. But those 30 hours are intense. Or. I wanna grind 100 hours a week. Biz comes 1st, family second. I wanna sell for $1b in 6 years, netting me $50m.

Because when you explicitly say what you want, how you'll get there, and why you want solves so many future fights + seeds out partners. I never used to do this. I assumed the other person was on board, or was afraid to say my opinion. Not anymore. And it helps.

Just super, crystal clear intentions from the beginning.

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