14 threads that will teach you more about building a startup than MBAs

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2 months ago

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The most brilliant startup advice from millionaire founders on Twitter 14 threads that will teach you more about building a startup than MBAs:

How to create a great product by the guy who co-created the iPhone twitter.com/tfadell/status/1542187227374972928

Exact steps to follow to fundraise over email twitter.com/jspeiser/status/1529840284271620099

Learning by doing vs Learning by reading twitter.com/RomeenSheth/status/1547385554379177984

How to identify generation-defining trends twitter.com/stephsmithio/status/1500986096745779200

Where the best startup ideas come from twitter.com/lennysan/status/1546580119908519936

How to start any business and succeed twitter.com/matt_gray_/status/1539583260631744517

How you should invest in their own mental and physical health twitter.com/chrisxmunn/status/1498299109324718084

What your startup needs to attract Venture Money twitter.com/RomeenSheth/status/1381029062219599874

How to make more money without adding new users twitter.com/jspeiser/status/1519299471670136832

Why you should never depend on one platform for your startup twitter.com/jspeiser/status/1496174626434469889

How to actually earn money from your product twitter.com/lennysan/status/1392862308951498754

A story on why focus matters in your startup twitter.com/shreyas/status/1365732851732209668

And finally, a thread on all the hard lessons I learnt from building 4 startups twitter.com/tibo_maker/status/1428386393156427780

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